"Savior / Burgers 'N' Cheese"
David Scuba
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI042
Release Date: 12 Sep 2013

No, we've not lost our minds with the titles of these. You see... our new fellow is American! Two great nations separated by a common language. They spell funny mummy. In keeping with our global stable of prime racing thoroughbreds we've cast further than ever to sunny Los Angeles and our friend David Scuba, who is a jolly good egg and all round brick (that's 'good' in English). After bumping into him on a few too many of the right dancefloors it was clear it was time to turn the friendship into cold hard disco facts. Scoobs duly obliged with this quality 2 tracker that tells us EDofM in the USofA is not the armageddon we've fretted over and all is in safe hands.

"Savior" is a beautifully moodsome tonker which we enjoy for it's slower pace and chugworthy quality. "Burgers 'n' Cheese" is as if the Tom Tom Club had had a bit of an episode and the medication is finally kicking in. Or something. Ignore our awful talkyballs and press play, enjoy and let us know what you think.

You say potato, we say chips, lets fuck the whole thing up.

The VVWI Team


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"Solid tech-house vibes" - Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance - Blog)

"Both tracks are nice :o) dark as FOOK!!" - Paul Lyman

"Full support, Both tracks are awesome, David is on fire, once vvwi rocks, thanks" - Lo (Superfreq)

"Great EP! Loving the breaks in Burgers N' Cheese, that is my fav of the EP. Savior has a great techy chug to it that I like...good stuff!" - Mundia Miles (Shhh_ft / Diatonic Wave)

"Great pairing of tracks, loving both bigtime !" - Geoffroy Mugwump (Mugwump / Kompakt / Leftorium / International Feel)

"Savior is my favourite here" - Nico De Ceglia

"Savior is the one for me." - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded)

"Very dark ..... but good!" - Jason Pepperell (Juice 107.2FM)

"Born in the USA is a classic;) OK?" - Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com / BLN.FM)

"Both mixes first class!!!!" - Carl Anians (Mad Hatter Recordings)


Written and Produced by David Wojnarski
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2013 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd