"Kill The Middle Man EP"
Russell Caten
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI041
Release Date: 30 May 2013

He's come a long way since we first bumped into him at b. Southend's Russell Caten has had the rare fairytale path of going from keen clubber to credible producer in what to us seems like a blink of an eye. Rather than blather on when you can just press play, lets just say that Russell has shocked us all at VVWI HQ with this 3 tracker. It's fair to say we've met a lot of people on the way and a lot of them say they are producers and DJs now and we tend to say "good for you" and smile with everything but our eyes. This time we ate our hat. Mmmm... cold hat.

Russell's come up with what can only be described as a very veryverywrongindeed EP. At this point we'd doff our hat to him but it seems to have gone. It's so very VVWI.


The VVWI Team


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"Zero Circus and Shift It my faves. Both ace." - Rocky (X-Press 2)

"Nice one Russel. Some serious heads down grooves going on, I'll be supporting this EP for sure" - Paul Loraine (Vitalik, VVWI, Rhythm Cult)

"Liking Funk Sex march" - Graham Gold (Kiss 100)

"Shift It is great. Club support." - DJ Orion (Radio YleX)

"Zero Gravity 4 me" - Terry Francis (Fabric)

"Very solid tech-house vibes" - Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance - Blog)

"Funk Sex March is great" - Andy Baxter (Pacha Ibiza)

"Super tracks Love them all gonna play all of them!!" - Puto Maik (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Funk Sex March is cool. will play." - Philipp Ort (BWO Records)

"Funk Sex March wins the top spot on this EP, although Zero Circus battled hard and nearly pipped it to the post. Lots of support!" - Mundros (Shhh_ft / Diatonic Wave)

"Really like that first track" - Timo Garcia

"Good tracks!" - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Zero Circus works for me. Neat" - Adam K (Kiss 100 / LMP DJs)

"Funk Sex March really stands out. Special - like it!" - Tim Andresen (What Happens)

"F***in awesome EP .... Lovin all the mixes..." - David Scuba (Superfreq / Veryverywrongindeed)

"Wup wup...Funk Sex March is bloddy ace!" - Tony Holder (Club Life Global)

"Wobbly tracks relentlessly shuffling down a dark alley... Yep me likes!" - Keydin (Sideways Recordings)

"Funk Sex March is fonkyy!" - Patrick Zigon (Biotop Label)

"Loving 'Funk Sex March'. Dope, off-kilter track." - Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice)

"Put me down for all 3 of 'em here, crackin' release, summer sorted." - Joe Mckechnie (Straight Night Radio/Play.FM, Deep Vibes, Ibiza Sonica, Afro Aci)

"One of the finest labels out there! utter filth everytime! 'Shift it' grabbing me" - Steve Concrete (Concrete Promo / Type Tours / Vegas Baby / Fatboy Slim)

"Zero Circus is wicked" - Michael Paterson (Colours / Limbo)

"This label never lets you down... :)" - Jesus Pablo (i! Records / Lost My Dog / Supper Sessions)

"Very Very nice indeed. All three tracks are brooding, dark groovers. Very cool EP." - Greg L (Codec Shift)

"Funk Sex March asskicking - thx a lot" - Breger (Tonkind / Elektrotribe)


Written and Produced by Russell Caten
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2013 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd