"No Shame"
Timo Garcia
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI034
Release Date: 19 Dec 2011

VVWI warmly welcomes back our stalwart regular Timo Garcia with a new bespoke wiggler "No Shame". We are delighted that Señor Garcia has produced a spectacle that both entertains the undercarriage and also incorporates Bach's musical/mathematical whimsy about the never ending chromatic scale. Or we might be very wrong and it's "there to make the crowd go mental" as our evil leader corrected rather emphatically. Whichever was the intent the effects are the same. Dancefloor bother of a large quantity.

Remix duties are taken up my mysterious newcomer Re:form who is not Paul Loraine or anybody who resembles him. No. Absolutely not. He's spookily good though as the wonderfully well crafted breakdown will attest. We hope to be seeing more of this mystery left-field avenger wielding his powers of weirdness and sporting his mask and cape that are not even a bit pervy.

To the Bat-cave with you.

The VVWI Team
& Robin.


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"Nice! Pauls mix is the one for me." - Parham

"Nice will defo support on my radio show and in the clubs" - Paul Lyman

"Very nice remix from Re:form. It works for me..." - Lo (Superfreq)

"Re:Form Rework for me. Very cool track. Deep and dubby. Will play for sure." - Philipp Ort (BWO Records)

"Will definitely play these tunes." - Ben Mono (Compost Records)

"The original is a bomb!" - Tarlouf X (BTRAX Records)

"Bravo Timo" - Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1/ Hyena Stomp)

"The original is super dope. Loving it!" - Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice Magazine)

"Original is cooool" - Mike Kelly (Sorry Shoes)

"Love Love Love the original mix! Mr Garcia rocks it with some swift beats! Supporting to the fullest!" - Ben Dela-Pena (Zipcodemusic / MOS)

"Brilliantly crafted music on the original and remix. Great work Timo and Paul!" - Mark Gwinnett (Cubism / Lunacy Sound Division)

"Nice rolling tech-house vibes" - Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance - Blog)

"Dope Track!!" - Chris Udoh

"Both original and remix are good. Lean more towards the deep groove of the remix though." - Chris Fortier

"Really pumping, Like the break" - The Badgers

"Like both the original and Paul's mix, but the original is the one I'll be supporting. Thanks." - Simon Langham

"Will be reviewed in Raveline magazine" - Benedikt Schmidt (Raveline)

"Feeling the Re:form remix! The original is nuts with loads going on!" - Richard Seeley (Glue Music)

"Re:form remix is great!" - DJ Orion (YleX)

"Original is cool, Thanks" - Miss Nine

"Loving the original! Awesome work for the label once again!" - Dave Irvine (Prehab Recordings)

"Great tribal vibe! Original for me." - Franz Kirmann

"Paul Loraine Rework, love the vibe!" - Gregorio Assandri (Disco Volante)

"In my radioshow" - Jurgen Rijkers (Radio Fresh FM)

"Paul Loraine Rework is groovy." - Pete Morton (HarderFaster.net)

"Man I love this label and I love the stuff you give us!" - Jasper Gape (Nerdy Frames)

"A hit, right? Really powerful tune. Original rocks hard and Paul Loraine's remix is awesome." - Manuel Perez (Marenda Disc)

"Re:form (a.k.a. Paul Loraine) Rework for me... will play in show" - Jesus Pablo (Deepvibes Radio)

"SICK tune. Full support!" - Leko (Steez Promo)

"Paul Loraine hits the spot. Support!" - Different Language (Black Sheep / Glue Music)

"No Shame (Re:form (a.k.a. Paul Loraine) Rework) is my fav version, I will include it in my sets!" - Paul Nova (DI.FM)

"Big fan of Timo's music, & this is no exception, both mixes good to go." - Joe Mckechnie (Straight Night Radio)

"Jausers! That loraine remix is of the hinches... Bless you!" - Matt Flores

"Re:form Rework is a dark stroller and definitely got a unique feel to it." - Dave "Guerilla" Dorsett (Guerilla Sounds)

"It's all about the RE:Form rework... for me!" - Tim Love

"Chunky tech house that would happily fit into the box of someone like Digweed - and me. Great tune. Both mixes of this are excellent!" - Jay Kaufman (Unrivaled Music / Stripped Muzik)

"All about the original one of Mr Garcia's best in some time" - Steve Found

"Enjoying the Re:form Rework!!" - Mr Doris (Space / Pacha, Ibiza)

"Nice track Timo! Twisting my melon man, in a good way!" - Gary Optim (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Really like Paul Loraine's remix!" - Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre (SQware)

"Timo fast becoming a legend!!! Love his touch! Full support!!!!" - Stimpy (Concrete Promo)

"Good old MOONSTOMPING house music!" - Crang

"Wicked original, awesome remix. The remix really comes alive after that drop. So wasn't expecting it. nice." - Alex Blanco


Written and Produced by Timo Garcia
Additional Production on Track 2 by Paul Loraine
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd