Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI032
Release Date: 17 Oct 2011

We are proud to continue our connection with the mighty Deepgroove and play reluctant host to the spooky dinner guest who doesn't chat but stares more hungrily at the guests than the meal. It's "Creeper". Like all VVWI releases it does what it says on the tin. If the tin says "Best before you die".

Enjoy, smile reassuringly, but don't swallow for fuck's sake.

Bon appetite!
The VVWI Team


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"Like both mixes, Keepin it nice and strong. Nice one VVWI" - Justin Harris

"Cool deepness" - Chris Fortier

"Waifs and Strays mix is the one for me. Well good." - Rocky (X-Press 2)

"Excellent original and remix, chuggy!" - Max Cooper

"Like the remix - Well smart deep house groove!" - Murray Richardson

"Nice groovers. Original will work nicely for me. " - Simon Langham

"Cool remix and into the original as well, Will definitely be playing this summer." - Felix Martin (Hot Chip)

"I'm digging the Waifs & Strays Remix" - Raymundo Rodriguez

"I think the original is one of the terrible two's best to date. Love the chuggy sleaze" - Jim Rivers

"Good atmospheric stuff from the boys." - Russell Deeks

"Superb release, loving both mixes." - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Im all over this puppy! track 1 for me." - Paul Lyman

"Original mix for me. Will play it!!" - Lo (Superfreq)

"Original is delicious. Love its intensity." - Adam K (Kiss 100 / LMP DJs)

"For me this is the best I have heard from Grayson and Lee too date, and the remix is just as tasty!" - Paul Loraine

"Sleeeeeezy!" - Timo Garcia

"Deepgroove-yeahhhh. Their best one for a while! Top boys!" - Jonty Skrufff

"Creeper is creepy!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"Nice stuff. Will definitely play it." - Ben Mono

"Original is SICK, love it!" - Sasha Le Monnier

"Good package, slick sounds." - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Very good release! Both tracks are cool! Will play for sure." - Philipp Ort (BWO Records)

"A nice end of summer deep house groove to guide us through the season change" - Serena Kutchinsky

"Original is amazing - Instantly hooked on it in fact! Will support." - Mr Henry Von

"Love this (both tracks). Will use on the show this week. I prefer deepgroove when they are on VVWI - keeps them trippy and dark and entrancing instead of getting rowdy." - Zak Frost

"Liking Waifs and Strays remix here! cool bounce to it." - Tim Green

"Very Cool from the Deepgroove posse" - Andy Baxter (Pacha Ibiza)

"Very deeo and groovy!" - Abyss (Buzzin' Fly)

"Love the original of Creeper. Top work again from VVWI" - Different Language

"i like both orig and remix... Well done boys" - Audiofly

"2 very good tracks. Will support both" - Antonio Vendone

"Number 1 is the track for me. Deepgroove do it again ..." - Deejay Ricochet

"Nice release. Original mix for me" - Al Mackenzie (D:Ream)

"Very very nice... It's all about the Waifs and Strays mix for me... Can't wait to play this out!" - Tim Love

"Really like the Waifs & Strays Remix.. good stuff!" - Sekond Skin

"Solid stuff as ever from VVWI. Nice" - Phil Drummond

"Liking the swing! The original is the one for me." - Steve Boardman

"Funky Tune!!!!!" - Benji Candelario

"Loving the deep and dirty feel to this release. Definitely what those dark dancefloors around the world are in need of!" - Dave "Guerilla" Dorsett

"Great great release will play the original" - PSLKTR

"Good quirky stuff, will support." - Keydin

"Creeper is mysterious and addictive, love it" - Debector


Written and Produced by Grayson Shipley and Lee Pattison
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd