"Steam / Cosmos"
The Electric Press
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI028
Release Date: 20 Sep 2010

The Electric Press were a phenomenon on the peerless 20/20 Vision label for many years but sadly disbanded some time ago. Just prior to this they spent a day in the studio with Tim Sheridan and the session birthed something quite unusual. The mother was naturally in tears but the creature was put in a convent and hidden... until today.

"Steam" is the bastard child of those 3 absent fathers, containing all the tonking drive of The Press married to Sheridan's now trademark live piano and freaky keyboard work. Like much of VVWI's sound it has the funk, a monster bass but still manages to pause for a melodic moment of flower sniffing before it continues to rampage across Tokyo fighting Mothra.

"Cosmos" we are both tearful and proud to release. The very last recording by The Electric Press (no Sheridan tinkling on this one), by far the slowest tempo thing we have put out it is also what we feel is the most 'acid house'. A reminder of the days when Wevvers ruled supreme and not everything was 120 bpm.

These days the Press chaps (Wesley Gill & Tom Taylor) are at it stronger than ever. Tom with his 2pin Records label: http://www.myspace.com/2pinrecords and Wesley making his own all-new take on live music, married to a disturbingly successful career at the Poker table (fact!).

Check our sleeves for aces if you like, our cards are on the table.... let's see you.


The VVWI Team


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"Cosmos is really cool. Dirty!" - Philip Sherburne

"Steam is SICK... love it:)" - Justin Martin

"Like this a lot, will play this." - Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister)

"Steam is wicked" - Dave Seaman

"Cosmos is an excellent one!" - DJ Chloé

"Digging Steam" - Nick Warren

"Enjoying both cuts. Full support in the darker depths of the disco" - Timo Garcia

"Love the atmospherics, will give a spin def" - Jody Wisternoff

"Cool beans. Like it" - Lee Pattison (Deepgroove)

"Stream is realy good! I like the vibes... Support !" - Laurent Charbon

"Some wicked and wonderful vibes here... Loving it!" - Richard Wakley (Spektre)

"Heady stuff, Dig both tracks, Will play!" - Animaltek

"I like Cosmos, very cool." - Luciano Benz

"Cosmos is a sweet, funky groover!" - Christian Pandonis

"The breakdown of Steam is just wicked beyond all wickedness. Cosmos is a nice slow funk jam that sounds like it came straight out of 1975 hung out with Deep Purple, got lost in the Tardis and found itself stuck on vinyl." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Thanks! Steam is very cool." - Stu Hirst

"Great track from Tim and Electric Press! Love it" - Gare Mat K

"Cosmos is slow but full to the brim with funky satisfaction!" - The Cheese Detective

"It's all about The Electric Press - "Cosmos"! Slo-Mo Disco Funk flexing fine potential!" - Simon Spacerock (Space Dust)

"Steam is a great tool, and Cosmos has that raw, dirty & lazy vibe to it that I LOVE." - Olibusta

"Into both tracks, Seems like a really special release for all concerned" - Mr Henry Von

"Both sides of this are top notch. Will support on all fronts" - Mark Kavanagh (Spin 103.8 FM / Irish Daily Star)

"Love the bounce on Steam!! Twisted shit" - Hannah Holland

"Cosmos is dope" - Mason

"Nice piece of early evening funk. Great to see Electric Press again, I was always a big fan!" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut! / Turbo)

"Killer pair of tunes" - Danny Howells

"Steam!!!! Amazing stuff, Full support" - Jori Hulkkonen

"Another amazing release - Tim Sheridan is in full creative swing - Beautiful - I am a massive fan of the epic breakdowns that they always take the time to work into the tracks " - Salvador Guzman (4Clubbers.net)

"Good stuff. Love the vibe on Cosmos. Thanks." - Matt Unicomb (Resident Advisor)

"Dope stuff. 'Steam' is wicked." - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

"Both tracks are good. Like the strangeness of cosmos!" - Lewis Ryder

"Steam is quality, ticking and tocking the percussion rolls... very interesting pads and synths, Thumbs up from me," - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Cosmos has a nice techy swing to it. A cool downtempo masterpiece." - Pete M (HarderFaster.net)

"Steam is lovely; wonky and melancholy at the same time." - Mark Sun

"A monster of a EP, 2 huge tracks the best for me being Steam." - Paul Loraine

"Yes!! BOTH WINNERS! Dope, thanks and thanks" - Justin Harris

"Loving the balearic vibe of Cosmos. Will chart for Sept." - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Steam - the sort of track that fills the dancefloor" - Gouranga

"Steam has a heavy groove. Awesome release." - Schadenfreude

"Steam is great!" - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Awesome, both. . ." - Medicine8

"Both tracks are great, well worthy of attention!" - Christian Homan (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Cracking release, love Electric Press and this is another fine release from them." - Si.Mac

"Brilliant. Love both tracks and will prob play both. Esp love the groove to Cosmos." - Marq Walsh

"Wicked. Steam the standout for me. Will hammer this. " - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"I will play "steam" for sure" - Nicky Flow (Puissance 5)

"Cosmos is the one doing it for me. Glitched out funkiness!! Love it." - Adam Fogarty (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Really like the sleazy funk of Cosmos..." - Sven Fortmann (Lodown)

"Cosmos. Nice slow jack to that funk!" - Steve Boardman

"Liking this label, a lot - Will play" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Cosmos is amazin! full support!!!!" - Kolombo (Loulou Players)

"Lovin this,proper killer" - Oliver Lang

"Shaping up to be my fav label. Every track so far has staying 'in box' so to speak. Wicked stuff again" - Phil Drummond


Track 1: Written and Produced by Tom Taylor, Wesley Gill and Tim Sheridan
Track 2: Written and Produced by Tom Taylor and Wesley Gill
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2010 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)