"Move Closer / Secret Society"
Paul Loraine
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI023
Release Date: 19 Apr 2010

VVWI returns to a much more familiar and darker landscape with these two murky subterranean creatures from the talented sonic pen of Paul Loraine. Already an established name and a very versatile artist, it became clear that Paul could deliver something dark and persuasive in the mold of VVWI's original sound. A lights-off, emotional and always epic groove originated from the sounds of Richard Seeley, Spektre and Tim Sheridan that characterised our original manifesto. It's time to return to that form we feel.

Move Closer has classic potential we shall hazard to say. Like the very best of music it establishes a very definite mood and manages to be (dare we say it?) sexy (we dared!) while maintaining a rolling funk that nods the head and rules the trouser. Egad.

Secret Society is the impossibly deeper illegitimate heir to "Move Closer" that was bricked up in the attic for fear of bringing shame upon it's lovely sister. It rolls, it jerks, it frigs (we made that last word up, we hope) and ticks every single VVWI box: Oddball, atmospheric, deep, and strange... and yet... definitely danceable.

A wonderfully strong couple of tracks which we are extremely pleased to have join what promises to be a very interesting first 6 months of 2010. Paul Loraine joins esteemed company with such VVWI luminaries and chums releasing soon. Soon to come on VVWI the likes of Richard Seeley, Timo Garcia, The Electric Press, Hotsand, Mr C ...and our evil leader Tim Sheridan shall direct proceedings from his undersea command centre with remixes and joint ventures with these forthcoming names.

Sincere thanks for your kind attention and we hope you will enjoy Paul's work as we have.

The VVWI team.


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"Move closer is a killer, love it! Secret is cool too" - Nick Warren

"Move closer is nice..." - Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)

"Go on Paul my son ! The most far-out thing he has done, I really like it :)" - Jody Wisternoff

"Another cracker from Paul - Slam support" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Both are cool. Move closer is tops" - Chris Fortier (Fade Records)

"Two strong tracks that each bring something different to the table; Move Closer is perfect for the end of the night, while Secret Society is perfect for the beginning. Great stuff!" - Mateo Murphy

"5/5 for Move Closer! I will support it!" - StereoK

"I love pauls stuff and this is typical of him. Great production, dark but still powerful, Great stuff" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut! / Turbo)

"Move Closer is sexy, you are right. But there is something wonderfully understated and hypnotic about Secret Society that makes it the one for me" - Mark Kavanagh (The Star - Ireland)

"Spooky tunes, really like 'secret society', will play!" - DJ Earthian (Animaltek)

"All over move closer like a dirty bad rash that you cant get rid of!!! Quality tune very emotive in my bag !!!" - Marco Smith

"Off the hook! 10/10" - James Trystan (Filth & Splendour)

"Secret Society for me, zones out hard!" - Richard Seeley

"Move closer is beautiful, such a nice atmosphere and hipnotic groove secret society is cool underground stuff" - Ricky Ryan

"FULL support on Move Closer... deep & lush±" - Timo Garcia

"Yeh I like it!" - Nico De Ceglia

"Nice productions, esp. on secret society. Digging the oddness..cheers" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

"Move Closer is nice and dreamy." - Marty Leama

"yes yes yes!! move closer is really classy. will play for sure" - Jozif

"Really into "Secret Society", will chart it next month, Paul Loraine is definitely on the map of the best producers of UK, full support" - PussySelektor (Lebensfreude)

"Liking this a lot.... Move closer is nice & tripped out! I will be playing late night etc. 8/10" - Louis Osbourne (RTÉ Pulse)

"Loving Paul's sound, both these 2 tracks are superb. Will chart 9/10" - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep/Data Transmission)

"Move Closer will be getting blasted this weekend" - Lee Bradley

"I'm definitely digging Move Closer 8/10" - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded / Wrong)

"Secret society sounds great, tight productions. And loving the artwork!" - Max Cooper

"As always, beautifully twisted! " - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

"Both very strong releases as you expect from VVWI. Storming release." - Son of Nod

"Move closer is awesome. Gonna be hammering this for sure." - Stuart King

"Both Tracks are immense, Serious dance floor grooves to both these tracks." - John O'Connor

"Move Closer is the one for me!" - Chris Rayner (Inhale)

"I like Move Closer, proper 5am Ibiza material!" - Russell Deeks (IDJ)

"Secret Society is the one for me!" - Stel

"Cool shit, prefer tr 2 :)" - Zak Frost

"love love love Move Closer!!!" - DJ Dextress

"Move closer is a very cool track." - Jnr J

"Move Closer is for us" - David Amo & Julio Navas (Fresco Records)

"Big fan of these two tracks, will play!" - Mark Dynamix

"Move Closer is really nice!" - Patrick Kunkel

"Solid stuff as ever from VVWI" - Phil Drummond

"Quality release. I like what this guy does with vocals. Full support." - Desy Balmer (Nice & Nasty)

"Secret Society most playable here...Spektre support!" - Richard Wakley (Spektre)

"Once again, another fantastic release from VeryWrong - Secret Society is excellent" - Salvador Guzman (4Clubbers.net)

"Move Closer is a set closer if I ever heard one, can't wait to play this out!" - Louis Louis (Blog)

"Lovely hypnotic duo of deep tunes. I think "secret society" wins out for me simply by dint of that sexy vocal sample, but both are beauts!" - Anji Bee (The Chillcast)

"Wicked stuff" - Oliver Lang

"Can you do no wrong? Awesome late nite dark stuff. I love Move Closer which really by the end of the night... you want someone to!" - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Really like move closer" - Hernan Cattaneo


Written and Produced by Paul Loraine
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2010 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd