"Your Body"
Mike Monday
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI022
Release Date: 22 Mar 2010

VVWI presents Mike Monday: Your Body.

VVWI Recordings considers Mike Monday one of the family. Having long been a stalwart guest playing back to back DJ sessions with Tim Sheridan over the years (with an honourable mention to Back to Basics '09) it seemed just plain mental not to have a track from him out on the label when he is one of our most frequent and well loved guests behind the decks.

Your Body is a return to the increasingly inaccurately named and elusive "Classic Monday Sound". VVWI has been a fan of Mike since he first re-emerged as the dancefloor beast of monster island some years ago. It's been a bitter sweet feeling for the label to witness his spectacular rise and they we are moist with joy to finally have roped the wonky creature that is Your Body to the corral and ridden it around for a bit, whooping until it throws us off and stamps on our face.

Mike's turned in a bucking, shaking animal of a track for us. With his trademark elan at swinging, shuffling, effortless funk... arrange-married to freakish breakdowns and beastly bass, well it's a no brainer for DJing. Mike is the darling of many great labels VVWI respects greatly. Most recently Get Physical and Great Stuff. We are proud to join the esteemed company.

Sometimes VVWI just likes to dance. And that is what Your Body is for.

Sheridan takes it by the hand and leads it down the streets of Port Merion in his trademark oddball manner. He accentuates the freakish and adds a polished sheen of groove with the live drumming skills that can be seen in his new band... and as usual expect a grandiose and unusual turn as it becomes bizarrely symphonic as it builds to crescendo. We even heard a church organ in there somewhere!

We feel this package reflects the DJ partnership of Sheridan/Monday to a tee. Similar but by no means the same. Seamless, but not smartarse. All dancefloor, no messing. Always willingly wonky.

Enjoy. Reactions please!

Sincere thanks for your continued support,

The VVWI team.


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"Sounds ace" - Grayson Shipley (Idiotproof)

"Brilliant release, love both versions and will play" - Nick Warren

"Wicked stuff!!!" - Meat Katie

"Both mixes are wicked but the Sheridan mix is a bit special, brilliant. Full Support" - Jnr J

"Like the original - Cheers!" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut! / Turbo)

"Nice tune - dubby, drum and bassy, very cool indeed." - DJ Paulette

"Really feeling the original and the remix! Top release" - Max Cooper

"Scared me a little" - Luke Solomon

"Cool release - like Mike's stuff" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Orig mix is fav. Great for a dark moment" - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Nice. Gimmeeee!" - Mason

"Dancefloor destoyer the original! Tim Sheridans haunting, melancholy little rework is the one for me though, pure deep magic!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"Will play Tim Sheridan´s Mix, Cool stuff." - Gregor Tresher

"Cheesy Weirdness. Like the Original. Will play at Radio Fritz." - Shir Khan

"Always looking forward to hear new music from Mike and here he delivers a great record once again!" - Darko Esser

"Nice techier vibes and liking the 'old rave'-style vocal!" - Russell Deeks (IDJ)

"The original yes like it" - Loose Cannons

"Love the original - Brilliant as always" - Laurent Garnier

"Fucking great ! Sheridan mix for me, melody and darkness :)" - Jody Wisternoff

"Gloriously twisted stuff. Top tunes from Mr Monday as always." - Darren Watts (EQ Magazine)

"Secret subbass!!! Mike delivers the secret subbass we are loving lots at the moment!!! Yes!" - Andy Cole (Luv*Jam)

"Strange...in a good way!" - Jon Freer (Hearing Is Believing Blog)

"Sick as always! Veryverywrongindeed rocks!" - StereoK

"Original for me on this althought TS mix is great too! " - Christian Homan (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Sounds nice! Weird, but nice." - Parham

"Tim's Bassline is a Badman but the original just sneeks its. Neat" - Adam K (Kiss 100 / LMP DJs)

"Both original and the remix are great, one for the peak time and one for the morning come down" - Peter Canell (Radio 3rrr Melbourne (Weird Groovin'))

"A new VVWI release is always a visual as much as an audio feast and this one's no different, think thats my fav artwork so far in fact, would make a great t shirt." - Mr Henry Von

"The original is very good." - FC Kahuna

"Both versions are great. I'm defo going to be supporting this and it's going to be on the radio show." - Dave Cronin (RTE Pulse Radio)

"Holy cow! 21st century rave music!" - Timo Garcia

"Good freaky beats! orig for me." - Anil Chawla

"Good as always to hear new stuff from Mike." - Nico De Ceglia

"The arrangement twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. Bumpy and ACE!" - Dan Cat

"Love the original - Nice moves mike !!!" - Nikola Baytala (Kontrol)

"This is a cracking release guys will play original and Tim's remix out" - Paul Loraine

"Original mix cool" - Chris Fortier (Fade Records)

"Fierce original mix, loving the deeper vibes on the TS remix. full support, looking forward to playing loud" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

"Another great track from mike, feelin' tim's mix more for the dancefloor" - Jim Masters (Digital Disco)

"Tim sheridan mix for me..." - Ivan Smagghe

"This is a KILLER tune! Mike's original really drops...big time." - DJ Fame (Dubsided)

"Review in ONLY FOR DJ'S #156 :) good one" - Ludovic Rambaud (Only For DJs)

"The Remix is very nice!" - Patrick Kunkel

"Great release Mike.. Will be supporting bro..." - Arveene Juthan

"The original for me - love the bassy business - will play at Batty Bass" - DeBoa

"Big tune for real! Looking froward to give it a spin at peak time." - Manuel Perez

"Absolutely love Tim's remix. Definitely one for the after hours... and it's going straight on the ipod." - Tim Weeks (Toolroom Records)

"Love the original. I can hear it working it very well for the dancefloor" - Felix Hot Chip

"Brilliant original" - Olibusta

"Tim Sheridam remix for me...will test..thanks" - Bias (Factomania)


Written and Produced by Michael "Monday" Mukhopadhyay.
Published by MMMusic Ltd/Bucks Music Group.
(P)(C)2010 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).