"Bionic Language"
Tim Sheridan
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI020
Release Date: 09 Nov 2009

VVWI recordings is pleased as punch to welcome New York's greatest electronic export to our strength.

Adultnapper AKA Francis Harris has worked hand in glove with esteemed VVWI stalwart Mr C (as "Sycophantic Slags") for many years and has single-handedly produced many, many a rocking tune under the Adultnapper moniker to great underground acclaim all over the world.

Thanks to VVWI's close association and friendship with Mr C, it was merely a matter of time before Adultnapper kindly consented to get on board the good ship VVWI and head wrongwards to the wind with us.

As for the track, Bionic Language is a more esoteric package from Tim Sheridan than his work for VVWI to date. Inspired by his tinkering about with a mic, it bolts together tiny snippets of vox to make a "bionic language" of Sheridan's own nonsensical devising, transposed high and low and twisted and worked into a Voodoo-esque chant. Of the two versions, one doffs its imaginary hat to - whisper it - breaks. And the other is a more dancefloor-driven floor-botherer that, in Sheridan's more trademark style, builds a classically inspired structure from down-and-dirty beats to a crescendo of weirdness - as well as taking sharp unexpected turns into tech-ness, just when least expected.

The Adultnapper take was an intentional invitation to bring a darker edge to the mix. He retains the original loose and organic percussion work, but infuses it with a deeper and murkier undercurrent, completing a package of mixes we are very proud of.

A late salute to the summer, a souvenir of the sun. Enjoy.


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"A cool release from a cool guy." - Craig Torrance (Mixmag)

"Big Adultnapper remix!" - Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)

"Weird as fuck...nice job!" - Konrad Black

"Is this progressive Afro? But then at the same time it sounds like the vocals are being scratched by a Hip Hop-DJ. I think I go for the house-mix." - Shir Khan

"Love it! Top release!....Original house mix is probably my favourite, but all very strong tracks." - Max Cooper

"What a phenomenal record! One of the best records of the year for me already!" - Rob Warner (Our House)

"Adultnapper mix is fire! Phew!" - Brendon Moeller

"Love the Adultnapper remix! - [a]pendics.shuffle" - Kenneth James Gibson

"Very nice I like the House remix but my fav' is the Adultnapper remix." - Alexi Delano

"Great promo, like the original of Bionic Language" - Tom Dazing

"Really wasn't expecting this! House mix is my favourite, but original is brilliant too. I didn't think I'd ever hear a balearic record on VVWI. Best thing that the label has done so far!" - Kristian Dando (IDJ)

"Quite a sexy release. Like the percussive vibe." - Fil OK (Nag Nag Nag)

"House mix is great! Adultnapper is for late dark twisted nights...." - Michel De Hey

"L'original est surprenant au niveau de sa rythmique broken beat. Basé sur une boucle rythmique spirituelle dans le texte, ce track est hors du temps. Le House Mix pose une rythmique un peu plus dansante, même si ça reste deep." - Ludovic Rambaud (Only For DJs)

"Liking a lot! Great groove on remix." - Layo

"Another great release - all mixes are cool." - Zak Frost

"Oooh...thhis is just what the doctor ordered...the witch doctor. Great stuff..." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)


Production, vocals and instruments by Tim Sheridan.
Engineered by Craig West and Paul Maddox
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C) 2009 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings.
Tribal Art kindly provided by Eduardo Risueno.
Tim Sheridan and VVWI management: the-x-agency.com.
veryverywrongindeed.com. Do one.