"Note To Self"
Johnny Arthur
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI019
Release Date: 12 Oct 2009

Veryverywrongindeed has gone from strength to strength in 2009. With the first slot of its new residency at Fabric's amazing sister club matter under its belt, the club is now also resident at a number of other UK clubs - with guests like Heidi and Paul Woolford alongside Tim Sheridan and label stalwarts Mr C, Spektre, King Roc, and up-and-coming "emo-techno" whizzkid Max Cooper. matter has now confirmed VVWI will be resident at the club through 2010 alongside big brands like BuggedOut, Saved and Hospitality, and Tim Sheridan will appear twice more at the club this year - first for a 7 Nov DJ slot and then for VVWI and Matter's blow-out Xmas party 19 Dec.

VVWI the label, meanwhile, has had raves right across Europe. Villain was a huge hit with Gregor Tresher ("Wow! What a killer! Brilliant!"), Abe Duque, Alex Flitsch, TimeOut NYC, Only for DJs, DrownedinSound, Sasha, Mike Monday, Phil Kieran, Michel de Hey, Luke Solomon and more. Tim Sheridan's followup, Bionic Language, will be out 9 Nov, featuring a darkly emotional Adultnapper mix and an unforgettably strange vocal. Then VVWI's finale for the year will be Max Cooper's Inhale/Exhale, the label's 21st single, with VVWI stalwarts Spektre and Tim Sheridan on remix duties.

And then there's our wonderboy Johnny Arthur. Despite spending a huge chunk of this year crewing a sailing ship through the tropics, he's managed to turn out his second VVWI single, which some of you may recognise. A promo company accidentally sent this out as the first track off one of the bigger techno albums of this year, and in that context did it ever get some serious reactions... So if you thought it's impossible for your up-and-coming DJs to get attention, think again...


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"Dark & Twisted" - John Digweed

"Both are good" - Timo Maas

"Check it out for sure" - DJ Hell

"Another great release from VVWI for my peaktime sets..." - Alex Flitsch

"Super cool release...different to a lot of stuff i'm being sent." - Konrad Black

"Really good. Both tracks work" - Hernan Cattaneo

"Note to self is wicked! Hipnotic ride - Not ideal has a proper drive" - Ricky Ryan

"Yep, you're hooking me in; you lot should move to Berlin..." - Jonty Skrufff

"Wicked Stuff, I'm beginning to love this label!" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut!)

"Top release, full support on both tracks" - Max Cooper

"'Note To Self' has all the features a proper primetime track needs... and still manages to be rather subtle. Can't wait to play it at Watergate." - Sven Fortmann (Lodown)

"Not ideal is far from not ideal. Massive one!" - Ton van Hoof (Free 40 clubchart)

"I love the Veryverywrong releases - veryverygood indeed!" - Salvador Guzman (4Clubbers.net)

"This is tres bien. Both tracks, dark and funky. Respect!" - James Huxley (Pulse Radio)

"Brilliantly dark clangy stuff that will scare the bejesus out of you in all the best way. Love the metallic nature of this stuff. A great groover of a single!" - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)


Written and Produced by Johnny Arthur
Published by Fabric Publishing
(P)(C) 2009 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings
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