Tim Sheridan
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI015
Release Date: 22 Jun 2009

It starts next month - Tim Sheridan's Veryverywrongindeed does its first headline gig at London's amazing new club Matter, alongside a new residency at the Junk Club in Ibiza and Southampton (and a very funny new forum for VVWI at vvwi.forumotion.com).

As for the latest VVWI release, it's inspired by the 1960's film starring Richard Burton. With Tim Sheridan's classical-music background and his trademark grand piano and orchestral stabs, it's a dark and fluid number - in the spirit of the murky East End gangland tale that inspired it.

As we think of it, cinematic-chase-soundtrack vibes for the discerning dancefloor. And this time round with a more direct remix by UK whizkid Max Cooper, whose Harmonisch Serie on Traum was a great VVWI favourite alongside his set of releases and remixes on Autist.

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"Nice, quirky, nasty, twisted, deep, classical munter slayer" - Bushwacka

"The original is brilliant and i distinctly remember watching tim drop it to huge effect in Leeds. Top drawer Mr Sheridan!" - Mike Monday

"Liking the original" - Luke Solomon

"I like! I like a lot." - Abe Duque

"Love the original. Those hats with that bass is something special I think. Definitely different. Big Fan" - King Roc

"Tim did a great job here. Im on it." - Tedd Paterson

"This realy works for me "original mix" - will play for sure" - Laurent Garnier

"Orig mix is fab" - Sasha

"^yeah !!" - DJ Morpheus

"Wicked release again the label just gets stronger and stronger !!!!" - Huggy

"Great atmosphere ! still lovin it !" - Only For DJs

"Wow, this is sick (to borrow a clichéd term) - I'll be playing both of these mixes a lot!" - Time Out New York

"The Max Cooper remix is really roasting my duck! Full marks on the artwork, too. VeryVeryCoolIndeed." - IDJ

"Wow, can't wait to play this at Watergate next time...!" - Sven Fortmann (Lodown)


Written and produced by Tim Sheridan
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2009 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd