"Ghosts That Live In Her"
Tim Sheridan and King Roc
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI013

As Ibiza Voice says, "No other label describe themselves with such apt precision than Tim Sheridan's VVWI ...Unique".

Hot on the heels of VVWI's first CD album, Spektre Live at Glade, here's one of the jewels in the VVWI crown - a crepuscular collaboration between Tim Sheridan and King Roc described by Sebo K as "Very unique" and by Kenny Hawkes as "fucking timeless...beautiful and inspiring".

It's a darker diversion from the European sound that's been a hit from Tim's birthday gig at DC10 to King Roc's recent fifteen-gig stint in Brazil, including the NYE party on Pratigi Beach he called "one of the gigs of my life". Perhaps an end of the night tune to some, a peak uplifter for certain...

"The Ghosts That Live In Her" doffs its hat to classic dub but the techo undertow lands it firmly in the present. As with all the productions from Tim it features his trademark piano work and arrangements inspired by his classical training. It is married beautifully to King Roc's laid back rhythms and production savvy. We at VVWI towers reckon this is our strongest release to date, made more potent with two new remixes - a more techno King Roc rerub and a bouncier retake by VVWI's man in Berlin, Andre Crom... These 3 made a mighty trinity we hope you will enjoy.

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"Wow! Great release" - Justin Martin

"Love this EP....been caning the King Roc remix for some time now...awesome remix package and full support from me :)" - Spektre

"Oh hot damn...this is my jam! Ghosts Live In Her is an awesome piano tune that just rocks out so much. The original is blindingly good...the subtle piano riff just lifts the song into the heavens." - The POP! Stereo Blog

"Simply great" - Only For DJs

"Excellent" - M8

"Jaw dropping" - IDJ

"I could tell from the cover art this was going to be some sinister stuff. Does not disappoint!" - URB magazine

"King Roc remix going to wreck the dancefloor!" - Mateo Murphy

"Very original. Unique" - Sebo K

"Superb" - Kik FM Australia

"Track one is a blinder" - DJ Mag

"Andre crom rmx is the mix for me. i love it." - Karotte

"Original and Crom remix are for me!" - DJ Ralf


Written and produced by Tim Sheridan and Martin Dawson.
Additional production on track 2 by Andre Crom.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P)(C) 2008 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings.
www.veryverywrongindeed.com. Do one.