"Live At Glade"
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI009

It's a festival set. A dark, razor-sharp four-hander of tracks, FX, edits and more FX again, dished out in a hot tent to crazed kids in the late evening of one of the sunniest days of this year. It was a great festival, Glade - sunshine, countryside, a crowd that's equal part hippies, kids, rave veterans and sun worshippers, with Jeff Mills headlining. And the cozy little Sancho Panza tent off to one side that on the Friday night hosted Veryverywrongindeed - Tim Sheridan playing back to back with Mr C for four hours, a killer set from Mike Monday, Josh Tweek and Frenchy warming up, and a live set bang in the middle by our UK techno duo, Spektre.

They've a group who've been quietly climbing the European electronic ladder for a while now. They have releases across Dance Electric, Rotary Cocktail, Dekadent Schallplatten, Heimatmelodie, Suruba, Noir, and of course Veryverywrongindeed. Not to mention Sven Vath hammering their track Hover at his NYE Cocoon party, and other fans from Hawtin to Dubfire to Mark Broom, Magda, Mike Monday, Holgi Star, Dave Shokh, Chloé, Format B, Andrew Grant, Phonogenic, Sebastian Roya and VVWI favourite Ludovic Vendi.

And this album is a record of that Glade set - in the tent that IDJ described as the highlight of the festival. Twelve of their own tracks plus a lucky 13th, their own remix of Andre Crom. Out Jan 19, it's the first of a series of live CDs planned by Veryverywrongindeed to highlight up-and-coming producers ...

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All tracks written and produced by Spektre (Paul Maddox and Richard Wakley) and published Hatfish music, except Tomographie, written and produced by Andre Crom, published Copyright Control.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 12, 13 (P) and (C) Dance Electric 2008. www.plantage13.com.
Track 4 (P) and (C) Veryverywrongindeed Records 2008. www.veryverywrongindeed.com.
Tracks 5 and 7 (P) and (C) Heimatmelodie 2007. www.myspace.com/heimatmelodielabel.
Track 9 (P) and (C) 2008 Rotary Cocktail Records. www.rotary-cocktail.de.
Track 10 (P) and (C) UFO Records.
Track 11 (P) and (C) Dekadent Schallplatten 2008. www.dekadent-schallplatten.de.

Distributed by Music Response UK / Universal.

Veryverywrongindeed thanks Nick and Biff at the Glade Festival (as well as Matt Brown of Sancho Panza) for all their help with this gig and its live CD.