Adrian Martin and Eleminal
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings - VVWI007
Release Date: 13 Oct 2008

It's Adrian Martin's second appearance on VVWI, this time alongside another Swiss, Eleminal. The tracks, Norka and Fullness, are two numbers Tim Sheridan heard and signed while playing in Basel - a secret weapon of a release whose party-blasting ability isn't fully revealed until heard on a huge set of club speakers. Adrian Martin has already been releasing on Miniload, Red Circle, Genowefa, with Eleminal also on Pin Up Traxx and Fortex - and now the two together on VVWI. Listen and respond, please!


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Norka / Fullness by Adrian Martin and Eleminal
Written and produced by Adrian Martin, Umberto Cea for q-lab.ch and Eleminal.
Published by Q-Lab Music.
(P) and (C) Veryverywrongindeed Recordings 2009.
VVWI and Tim Sheridan management: the-x-agency.com.
veryverywrongindeed.com. VVWI007.
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