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Source: - 13 Jul 2011

Our latest release, the two-tracker "Tozer / Witchcraft" from Paul Lyman gets a favourable review from Data Transmission today.

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Source: Data Transmission - 11 May 2011

Today we have the "Record Of The Day" over at EQTV.DJ, with Paul Lyman's "Tozer / Witchcraft".

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Source: EQTV.DJ - 10 May 2011

German magazine Raveline reviews our forthcoming release from Paul Lyman "Tozer / Witchcraft".

Source: Raveline - May 2011

Russell Deeks from IDJ gives an 8 out of 10 for Josh T's new Veryverywrongindeed release "Whateverrr".

Source: iDJ - Apr 2011

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Source: Data Transmission - 02 Feb 2011

Another Kaleidoscopes review! This one in MixMag's Feb 2011 edtion.

Source: MixMag - Feb 2011

Yet another review for Deepgroove's "Kaleidoscopes",

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Source: - 20 Jan 2011

The Jan 2011 issue of IDJ has a review for Deepgroove's "Kaleidoscopes", out next week on Veryverywrongindeed.

Source: IDJ - Jan 2011

Our forthcoming Deepgroove release "Kaleidoscopes" is today's Record Of The Day on the EQTV.DJ website.

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Source: EQTV.DJ - 10 Jan 2011

The January 2011 issue of Raveline has a great review for Deepgroove's "Kaleidoscopes", which is out on Veryverywrongindeed on 17 January.

Source: Raveline 214 - Jan 2010

Canadian magazine Textura has the premiere for reviews for Deepgroove's "Kaleidoscopes", out in January on Veryverywrongindeed.

Read the online version at

Source: Textura - Jan 2011

We have just spotted another review in this month's Raveline. This one for The Electric Press.

Source: Raveline 211 - Oktober 2010


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