Savior / Burgers 'N' Cheese
David Scuba
VVWI042. Single.
12 Sep 2013
Kill The Middle Man EP
Russell Caten
VVWI041. Single.
30 May 2013
On Time / 40
VVWI040. Single.
28 Mar 2013
No Shame / Creeper (Remixes)
Paul Lyman
VVWI038. EP.
14 Feb 2013
Medicine Man / Halland
Socket Science
VVWI039. Single.
19 Nov 2012
Raw Shanga / Yahourt
Bunni Splanchnik
VVWI037. Single.
23 Jul 2012
Ghosts That Live In Her (Remixes)
Tim Sheridan and King Roc
VVWI036. Single.
25 Jun 2012
Oriental Clockwork
Tim Sheridan
VVWI035. Single.
28 May 2012
No Shame
Timo Garcia
VVWI034. EP.
19 Dec 2011
Move Closer (Remixes)
Paul Loraine
VVWI033. Single.
21 Nov 2011
VVWI032. Single.
17 Oct 2011
Tozer / Witchcraft
Paul Lyman
VVWI031. EP.
09 May 2011
Josh T
VVWI030. Single.
14 Mar 2011
VVWI029. Single.
17 Jan 2011
Steam / Cosmos
The Electric Press
VVWI028. EP.
20 Sep 2010
Viper Room / Cyrus One
Codec Shift
VVWI027. EP.
23 Aug 2010
Sleazebox EP
Max Cooper
VVWI026. EP.
26 Jul 2010
Gonna Be / Mississippi Disco
Timo Garcia
VVWI025. EP.
14 Jun 2010
Ziba Viva / Monk
Richard Seeley
VVWI024. EP.
17 May 2010
Move Closer / Secret Society
Paul Loraine
VVWI023. EP.
19 Apr 2010
Your Body
Mike Monday
VVWI022. Single.
22 Mar 2010
Max Cooper
VVWI021. Single.
14 Dec 2009
Bionic Language
Tim Sheridan
VVWI020. EP.
09 Nov 2009
Note To Self
Johnny Arthur
VVWI019. Single.
12 Oct 2009
Y Am I / Elephon
Lost Cowboy
VVWI018. Single.
31 Aug 2009
Friggot EP
Richard Seeley
VVWI016. EP.
13 Jul 2009
Tim Sheridan
VVWI015. Single.
22 Jun 2009
The Worst One Yet
Johnny Arthur
VVWI014. Single.
01 Jun 2009
Ghosts That Live In Her
Tim Sheridan and King Roc
VVWI013. Single.
23 Mar 2009
Wasp Cocktail
Tom Dazing
VVWI012. Single.
23 Feb 2009
Live At Glade
VVWI009. Album.
26 Jan 2009
Wetwired / On A Roll
VVWI008. Single.
17 Nov 2008
Adrian Martin and Eleminal
VVWI007. Single.
13 Oct 2008
Way In / Way Out
Adrian Martin
VVWI006. Single.
29 Sep 2008
Tim Sheridan and Jon Carter feat. Ferank Manseed
VVWI005. Single.
18 Aug 2008
The Fly EP
dub KULT
VVWI004. EP.
12 May 2008
Frank's Groove
Rob Marmot
VVWI011. Single.
14 Apr 2008
Decisions EP
Josh Tweek
VVWI010. EP.
07 Apr 2008
Grim EP
Tim Sheridan and Spektre
VVWI003. EP.
13 Mar 2008
Emergency Room EP
Andre Crom
VVWI002. EP.
03 Nov 2007
Juicy Vermin EP
Richard Seeley
VVWI001. EP.
24 Sep 2007


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